Project Overview

project name: Gleneagles Hotel - Main Boiler Plant Replacement
quantity surveyor: Thomson Bethune
client: The Gleneagles Hotel
services consultant: Blyth and Blyth
value: £480K
structural engineer: Blyth and Blyth
main contractor: Taylor and Fraser

We are privileged to be involved once again at The Gleneagles Hotel, to undertake the replacement of the existing boiler plant as Principal Contractor. The existing plant supplied heating and hot water to the hotel and of paramount importance was to undertake the phased replacement of boilers, pipe work, pump sets, controls and flues, whilst maintaining essential services for example to the kitchens, bedrooms and restaurants. A series of delicate operations, which could be described as “open heart surgery for big boys”!

Scope of Work

The mechanical and electrical works comprised:

  • Extensive survey of existing mechanical, electrical and water services
  • Pre-fabrication of temporary and permanent pipe work
  • Co-ordinated removal of existing boiler plant, pipe work, controls, etc.
  • Co-ordinated installation of new oil fired LTHW boiler plant, pipe work, pumps, controls, etc.
  • Domestic pipe work, etc.
  • Builderworks
  • Full BMS to provide integrated control of the mechanical services