12th June 2018

New website responds to new demands

At Taylor and Fraser, we are familiar with change; since we began trading in 1906 much of our success must be attributed to our willingness and ability to move with the times.  Over the past 112 years we have witnessed a great deal of change in every aspect of our business; from building design to working practices, from building materials to building regulations and from working conditions to emerging technologies, Taylor and Fraser has always been quick to adapt and adopt.

In recent times, technology has changed the way we communicate with one another and increasingly business engagement is occurring online.  Research into suitable contractors and business partners is now invariably initiated online and via company websites.  With this in mind, Taylor and Fraser has developed a new website which specifically highlights the quality and breadth of projects with which we have been involved.

The new website makes it easy to search our case studies by sector or by service; so, if you want to find out which projects we’ve completed in the Estate and Large Country House sector, the website makes it very simple to see each of the projects relevant to that search.  Equally, if you wish to view our experience in Biomass, the website will offer you relevant information on these projects.

In keeping with our tradition for responding to modern demands, the website has been built to the latest web standards – Responsive Design.  So, regardless of the device you use to access the Taylor and Fraser website, the site will serve a version that provides the optimum user experience for the screen size you are using.  Whether viewing on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, the website is designed to provide ease of use and simple navigation.

We hope you enjoy the new website and we encourage you to take some time to explore the large portfolio of case studies across the various sectors and services we provide at Taylor and Fraser.

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