19th December 2023

Two staff gatherings completed – now, it’s time to party!

Staff gatherings at this time of year are generally for Christmas parties and staff nights out. However, and not wishing to diminish the benefits of staff social gatherings, two of our recent staff meetings had a more serious and significant purpose. In recent weeks, we have been focused on finalising and rolling out our Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental (SHWE) management strategy. This culminated with two fantastic staff events, one in Glasgow and the other in Fife, when we shared our strategy and vision across the company.

We wanted to share the vision and strategy with the whole team. Essentially, we want to create an organisational culture where everyone places health and safety front and centre while protecting the local and global environment in everything we do. We also wanted to reinforce our commitment to nurturing our staff and cultivating a more engaged workforce by placing safety, health, welfare, and the environment at the heart of everything we do.

While it is not new to us, we seek to continually improve our health, safety and welfare standards and systems, so the senior leadership team has collaborated with many across the team to develop an updated strategy and set out key goals that will assist in ensuring our SHWE objectives are cemented in our culture. 

Over the two events, we shared our vision, strategy and delivery plan with every employee. We had insightful presentations from various members of the senior leadership team, and we addressed the questions raised along the way.

So, we are confident that as we enter 2024, our whole team will be on board with our vision and our plan. We know they are committed to SHWE, and we look forward to a healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly future.

Now, we look forward to rounding off the year with the more traditional staff gatherings to acknowledge another exceptionally busy year and celebrate the festive season ahead!

Below, we have shared a short video and some of the pictures taken at our SHWE events.

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