The directors of Taylor and Fraser through this Quality Policy Statement set out the objectives for the continual improvement of the Company and its systems and to facilitate the continuing satisfaction of its customers.

Company Objectives

To provide a service that consistently satisfies the Client and therefore assists the Company to sustain a profitable growth.

To sustain and improve the high quality of services provided by the Company to   ensure that the Clients contractual requirements will be consistently achieved.

To endeavour to maximise Clients satisfaction by promoting the use of Client feedback and amending processes and documented information where required.

To ensure that appropriately trained personnel and sufficient resources are allocated to each project.

To ensure the projects are delivered on time and that quality and cost of the projects are to the Clients satisfaction.Maintain a documented system to demonstrate and reassure Clients that requirements of the construction process are being met and achieved and that relevant construction specific regulatory and statutory requirements are also met.

To meet these objectives, the Company applies the Quality Management System described in their Company Documented Information Manual which has been developed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Management reviews are performed on the Quality Management System to ensure that the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with proposals to ensure that the systems are continually improved.

Each Section of the manual defines the manner in which the Company has implemented and continues to develop Quality Documented Information to address all the activities undertaken.  The documented information deal with pre contract, contract and post contract activities to ensure that all Client quality objectives are being satisfied with reviews of Client satisfaction performed to check compliance.

The Quality System is designed to provide assurance to Clients that all contracts will be completed in accordance with the agreed programme, cost and specification, within the terms of the Construction Contract.  This assurance is supported by documented information.

Conformance with the requirements of the detailed documented information developed in accordance with the Quality manual is mandatory for all staff.  Achievement of this policy involves all employees who are individually responsible for the quality of their work.


Date: January 2021

Position : Managing Director

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