For over 100 years we have taken great pride in endeavouring to deliver outstanding work for our clients.

  We refer to our client focussed ethics as the Taylor and Fraser Standard. The Taylor and Fraser Standard underpins our thinking from apprentice to boardroom and represents our drive to exceed the expectation of our clients and excel at everything we do. Whilst aligning with our values of Safety, Service and People the Taylor and Fraser Standard is not just about how we work with you. At our core is the belief that, in order to survive, progress and maintain relationships, people are our most critical asset. We nurture them, invest in them and foster an environment which empowers all to take personal responsibility for their work. The proven outcome is that you will always be working with a team of independent but like-minded, skilled people who are committed to developing a longstanding and open relationship with you.


Respecting the past and building for the future…

This wealth of experience we have attained allows us to take a respectful and responsible approach to our work whilst treating buildings with the care and sensitivity they deserve. We continue to build upon our rich history whilst looking ahead to the future, constantly striving for the most innovative, efficient and forward-thinking approaches to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.  

Through generations

We’re proud to hold strong family values, which have been upheld for over 114 years. Grandfathers, fathers and sons alike have passed through our company, with each generation building upon the skills and experience of their predecessors. Our commitment to investing in our people means our team are readily equipped with the latest means to exceed client expectations across our business. From the welcoming face at our head office in Paisley, to our engineers out on site, we work as one team to deliver excellence.  

Committed to quality and integrity

Since we were established in 1906, our commitment to quality and integrity has always been at our core. We’re proud to be known as a reputable and trustworthy industry leader, and we strive to uphold this every day. Our track record of successful, safe, and timely delivery of multi-million pound projects across a breadth of industries, speaks for us. We are driven by developing long-standing, fruitful relationships with our clients to exceed expectations and ultimately build a better world.

Net Zero Carbon

For many years now, Taylor and Fraser has been involved in various Energy Efficiency schemes including but not limited to: Hydro Generation, Biomass Boilers, LED Lighting, Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, EV Chargers, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Absorption Chillers. The UK is the first G7 country to legislate itself into becoming a Net Zero Carbon Area by 2050 and Scotland 5 years earlier, making now the time to look at what changes you can make. With Taylor and Fraser’s knowledge and experience in this field, we can assist you with your transition towards becoming Net Zero Carbon. Click below to find out about our history and our 114+ year company timeline.

over 100 years
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