19th May 2023

Committed to our environmental goals, and those of our clients

Taylor and Fraser have introduced electric vehicles to our fleet for some time. We fully accept the need to cut emissions and become carbon neutral, and we will continue to consider the environmental impact in every part of the business.

However, we don’t simply strive to achieve our environmental targets; we also work with our clients to ensure we align with their aims, objectives and policies.

We recently introduced our latest zero-emissions vehicle at the University of Glasgow to support the works delivered through the University’s current Construction Framework. 

As you would expect from such a globally renowned university, they are involved in many research projects about the environment and the protection of the planet. So, naturally, they have clearly defined environmental targets and policies. And as a contractor working so closely with them, Taylor and Fraser are happy to assist them in achieving these goals. 

Regarding the latest electric vehicle to join the fleet, Taylor and Fraser’s Construction Director, Angus MacInnes, commented: “The newest addition to the current electric vehicle fleet allows us to permanently base a zero-emissions vehicle at the University to support their response to the climate emergency.

“We actively collaborate with the University and consider their goals in reducing energy use by identifying and demonstrating carbon benefits throughout every aspect of our contract. Adding the new electric van assists us and the University with our respective targets and provides a visible commitment to those goals.”

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