14th November 2023

Hermit’s Croft project meets the demands of 21st century university life

We are delighted to share details of an exciting project we’ve recently completed at Hermit’s Croft for the University of Edinburgh.

The objective was to convert a former student flat within the accommodation block into a multi-use social space for students. The desire was to use subtle visual connections within the space to create an open-plan environment that could facilitate multiple activities alongside the provision of quiet areas for reading, study or conversation.

To achieve this, we removed significant sections of the main structural spine wall and all of the internal partitions. Introducing an external glass screen to a patio area allowed natural light into the room, making the outside area feel like part of the overall space. 

The clever use of bespoke timber screens, wall colourings, the application of acoustic wall panels and mood lighting achieves division of the space. The result is that each area, even though part of the open-plan space, has a distinct feel. The overall area enables lively social functions, quiet places for reading or conversation, study spaces, television viewing, and a kitchen/dining area to enjoy food together; it really is a space fit for the 21st century and the demands of a modern university campus.

Speaking about the project at Hermit’s Croft, Taylor and Fraser’s Construction Director, Angus MacInnes, commented: “We were delighted to be back working at the University of Edinburgh on what was an exciting challenge: to create an open-plan communal area that could accommodate multiple uses, but at the same time, provide individual areas for quieter pursuits.

“It’s a great example of how the universities are constantly evolving and adapting their campuses for modern-day requirements. It was a pleasure to work closely with the University of Edinburgh to create a solution that provides a space that enables interaction or quiet reflection.” 

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336. Is e buidheann carthannais a th’ ann an Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann, clàraichte an Alba, àireamh clàraidh SC005336.

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