31st August 2023

Our latest project may have been temporary, but it was vital to a global audience

Taylor and Fraser may be best known to you for their work restoring, maintaining and upgrading well-established buildings, but we are also increasingly involved with new-build projects. However, the latest project is a bit different; it was the creation of a substantial temporary but extremely important facility – the official broadcasting centre for the UCI Cycling World Championships.

Acting as Principal Contractor, Taylor and Fraser organised and project-managed this vital facility’s site set-up and removal within the yard to the southeast portion of the BBC Building on the Pacific Quay Campus in Glasgow.

The highly-successful UCI Cycling World Championships took place from the 3rd until the 13th of August. The event brought together the world’s greatest cyclists who competed across 13 UCI Cycling World Championships in the ultimate tests of talent, tenacity and toughness. And in the organisers’ words, it was the “biggest cycling event ever”. With so many events involving cyclists at the pinnacle of their sport, it’s unsurprising that Press from around the globe wanted to report on the action daily. 

Our clients, Visit Scotland, were keen to provide the best possible facilities for the Press throughout the event, and we were delighted to assist with this small but essential element.

Taylor and Fraser’s Construction Director, Angus MacInnes, commented: “Our team were delighted to work on such a high-profile event which a global audience watched.

“We worked closely with Visit Scotland and their professional team and partners to ensure a problem-free mobilisation of the broadcast village; incredibly, fans worldwide got updates from this facility. 

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to play a small part in such a prestigious event for Glasgow and the country as a whole.”

If you’d like to learn more about the UCI Cycling World Championships, you can do so here.

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