Project Overview

project name: Berkeley Square Pavilions 3 and 4
quantity surveyor: AECOM
client: University of Glasgow
services consultant: AECOM
value: £230,000
structural engineer: AECOM
architect: AECOM
main contractor: Taylor and Fraser

This fast-track project was delivered under the Lot 2 framework for the University of Glasgow to facilitate the leasing of two pavilions within an existing office complex and their conversion for use by specialist departments within the University. 

The works were completed in the early stages of the COVID pandemic. 

Scope of Work

  • Ventilation and heating controls timing changes to reflect higher occupancy rates. 
  • New structured cabling & data including fibre backbones to local nodes and new high desk layouts 
  • Provision of specialist wall graphics 
  • Installation of acoustic Screens 
  • Incorporation of new power and data within the existing raised access floor and corresponding carpet rationalisation and replacement. 
  • Incorporation of new lighting and layout alterations within the existing suspended ceilings including rationalisation and replacement. 
  • Decoration works. 
  • Facilitate specialist client direct furniture installation during the works. 

In the early stages of the project Taylor and Fraser identified serious deficiencies associated with the integrity of the existing fire compartmentation, this included a lack of fire dampers, existing fire dampers not being structurally secured, as well as the structural integrity shortcomings and gaps within the existing fire separation barriers. A remedial scheme was proposed and developed by Taylor and Fraser in conjunction with our specialist supply chain partners to provide a fully compliant remedial scheme, which was agreed and mobilised quickly.