4th January 2019

Taylor and Fraser’s work in rural locations

The nature of our work is very diverse. For over 100 years, Taylor and Fraser have delivered mechanical and electrical construction projects across Scotland, from buildings located in buzzing cities to remote, rural land. Each project requires a different approach to work which is highly dependent on the location, surrounding areas, infrastructure, public access and many more factors that need considered.

We are specialists in working on historic buildings, which by nature are often located in rural parts of the country. Projects like these pose a unique set of challenges that must be met with extensive planning and refined execution. It is essential that each location is reviewed to consider how the required resources, materials and people will get to the site and be accommodated for a length of time.

Not only do the building resources and materials need to be considered, but so does the need for the right craftsmen. Taylor and Fraser only use the very best people, meaning it is important to think about how they will be accommodated for the duration of the project.

One project in particular that was carried out in a remote location was our work on Ncn’Ean Distillery in 2017 in Drimnin, Oban. Taylor and Fraser were appointed as Principal Contractor to carry out the extensive conservation and redevelopment of existing steadings and associated services as well as new build warehouses, and boiler/ biomass building. Works also included associated hard landscaping and external works of the building.

Due to the remote nature of the site, our project management team took the lead in resolving practical issues on site involving architectural, structural engineering and services. We proposed and agreed solutions with the relevant team members to ensure the successful delivery of the project. Throughout the project, the team were cautious that the remote location posed unique challenges and had to operate sensitively to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and community.

Angus MacInnes, Construction Director at Taylor and Fraser said, “As with all our projects, we worked closely with the client to ensure the logistics of such a remote site worked, whilst keeping in mind the local community who shared the single-track roads with us. For example, this often meant we would coordinate deliveries around local tree logging activities and of course, we had a pragmatic approach to the accommodation of our team.”

You can read more about the Ncn’ean Distillery project here.

As with all our work, extensive planning is crucial, and possibly even more so in rural locations. As with the Ncn’ean Distillery project, it is essential to consider the surrounding communities and local activities, in order to not disturb normality. Our flexible approach and innovative solutions, alongside our years of experience ensure that every project we deliver, no matter how rural, is completed to the highest of standards without impacting the surrounding environment.

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